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New Ceremony for Winter 2011-2012:
The Rite of Given Light

New article: The History of The Miracle Tree:
Qabalah and the Tree of Life
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New book: The Sphere of Art.
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"A R Heaver and the Glastonbury Zodiac"


This website celebrates 36 years of published books and music, from 1976 to 2012, and 31 years of public teaching and spiritual/magical exploration, from 1981 to 2012. 

Inner Temple Traditions InnerConvocation  ® is the trademark for classes, publications and recordings by R J Stewart, in constant use in the USA and Britain from 1988 to the present year.

R J Stewart’s published work is now in its 36th year, with 44 books in publication in several languages, a series of musical and audio recordings, and a large number of students and well established study groups in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Israel.

2012 is the 36th year of published books from R J Stewart, the first being Where is St George (pagan imagery in English folksong) in 1976, and the latest books The Sphere of Art, Vol II, and The Hidden Adept and the Inward Vision (biography of A.R. Heaver)  published in 2012.

2012 is the 31st  year of R J Stewart’s public teaching, presenting classes and workshops, which began in Britain in 1981 at the invitation of Gareth Knight.

Early work with groups at Hawkwood College, Britain: The UnderWorld and Merlin

The first public presentation was in 1981, when R J led his Journey to the UnderWorld, a unique empowered vision, at Hawkwood College, for the Gareth Knight group. This would later appear in the classic book, The UnderWorld Initiation, and the recording Journey to the UnderWorld, both continually in print in various editions, from 1985 to the present day. An entire generation of people involved in alternative spiritual and magical work has been influenced by this book, which was published in 1985, thanks to Gareth Knight, after circulating as a private manuscript for several years. It became the first in a series of books on Earth based spirituality, forming one major branch of R J Stewart’s Inner Temple Traditions/ InnerConvocation work.

Further public teaching accelerated with events at Hawkwood College led by Gareth Knight, and in association with John and Caitlin Matthews. In the early 1980’s R J also presented much of his Merlin material, based on ancient Welsh tradition and medieval manuscripts, at Hawkwood College. Two books, The Prophetic Vision of Merlin, and The Mystic Life of Merlin were published by Penguin, and a subsequent title, The Way of Merlin, was published by Harper Collins.

Further publications

From 1985 onwards, a series of books on Celtic tradition, magical arts, music and spirituality, UnderWorld and faery tradition, was published by various publishers worldwide. Other books published include short stories, an edition of a Jacobean play, short historical biographies, and two highly acclaimed tarot decks, The Merlin Tarot (still in print with many editions worldwide after more than 20 years) and the Dreampower Tarot (currently out of print). The Dreampower deck is fully featured on-line at www.dreampower.com including free readings and learning resources from the website. R J Stewart has also published many articles and stories in magazines and anthologies in the UK and USA, and made numerous appearances in television documentaries, on topics such as mythology, magical arts, Celtic tradition, and music.

The developing classes and workshop series

The encouragement of Simon Buxton and Andrew Ward who founded Arcania, in Bath, in the 1980ís opened out R Jís teaching work to a larger number of people. The first workshops in R Jís ongoing series of Faery and UnderWorld classes were taught in Bath in the 1980ís.

Arcania published Celebrating the Male Mysteries and a revised edition of The Waters of the Gap, an original book on the Celtic/Roman temple of Aquae Sulis, first published in 1980 by Bath City.

British workshops and classes in the 1980’s led to the inception of the Inner Temple/Inner Convocation classes in Britain and the USA from 1988, ongoing to the present day. There are now a number of teachers that have trained with R J Stewart for this work, and there are working groups in Britain, the USA, and Canada, with teachers, students, and co-workers who have trained in these methods for the last 17 or more years.

Musical career

During the 1970’s and 1980’s R J also pursued an active career as a composer and musical director for television, film, and theater productions. Commencing in 1973 with a series of recordings commissioned by Helios Bookservice, R J’s musical and recording work includes The Hobbit (Decca/Argo 1974), LPs with several folk music artists including Shirley Collins, Cyril Tawney, and Finbar Furey, a number of solo recordings (including, in 1974, the highly acclaimed Unique Sound of the Psaltery, featuring an instrument which he designed) many television documentaries, two major feature films, a series of theater productions, and a recording of ancient Irish epic poetry performed by Van Morrison.

In the 21st century

R J Stewart gives concerts and teaches an ongoing program of classes and workshops in the USA Canada and Europe, and also appears at festivals and conferences.

For a current calendar of events, see: http://www.rjstewart.org/calendar.html

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