The Inner Temple Traditions and Inner Convocation network,
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From a small beginning in 1980, the ITIC has grown organically, gradually becoming a network of people practicing  specific spiritual, meditative, or sacromagical techniques. The techniques are primarily found in my books and recordings and in Inner Temples class material. From 2006 to the present day books, recordings, and class material from my partner Anastacia Nutt, already an experienced international teacher and author before we met in 2005, have been incorporated into the overall programs.

The Inner Temple Traditions Inner Convocation brings togefther, in the language of myth, the UnderWorld and the OverWorld.  Not in intellectual or historical terms alone, but as a set of living practices that change awareness with repeated use over time. We use a modular approach for expansion and transformation of consciousness, taught, shared and experienced in small groups, and through books CDs and class documents.
We teach workshops and hold retreats in Britain, Europe, the USA, Canada, and Israel.

Firmly rooted within the Western Esoteric Tradition, the Inner Temple Traditions Inner Convocation practices build and sustain a network and spiritual organism that supports and inspires those who work within it.

We also act as stewards for the Sanctuary of Avalon, based on the spiritual precepts and sacromagical methods of the late A.R.Heaver (1900-1980), now expanded and developed for contemporary use, with sanctuaries of Silence in Britain and the USA.

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